Confessions of a Girl Who Hates Going Out

A typical weekend at St. Bonaventure University involves booze, boys and bad decisions.

Every night is basically the same if you really think about it. First is the pregame, which consists of the same 5 drinking games that deal with either cards or pong. The same 20 most popular pop or rap songs play in the background and the people at the pregame are typically the same group of people every weekend.

Then comes the dreaded walk.

Starting in the beginning of October it gets so cold out that even if we wore pants and winter jackets we’d be freezing. In reality, we wear a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a black North Face jacket and some type of heel or combat boot and sprint down the sidewalks of Allegany to find a house party and warmth.

The house party is mostly the same as the pregame except there are less games, an extra hundred people and the music is a lot louder. After about an hour, the owners of the house either get sick of having so many people there or they kick everyone out because the cops are out front. Either way, herds of people shuffle to the next house until it’s time to go to the bar.

Every time I convince myself to go out it’s because of the generational “FOMO,” or “Fear Of Missing Out.” My friends tell me that I’ll regret the nights I stayed in once we graduate, or that this party is supposed to be the party of the year.

So I succumb to the peer pressure. I grab my black fleece North Face that practically every other girl on campus owns and head out the door with high hopes and high heels.

Every night, no fail, I come back tired, disappointed and freezing.

I understand the allure of going out – escaping from your problems in the form of Crystal Palace, dancing with your friends, or just socializing can all be fun on occasion. But how many times can you dance to the same song at the same bar with the same people before it all starts to become one big blurred memory?

I’d rather go skiing at Holiday Valley with my friends on a Friday night, or stay in and watch a movie, or spend a weekend in one of their hometowns to see where they grew up.

Everyone always says that you’re only a junior once, you should enjoy it while it lasts. But is it so wrong that I’d rather remember what I did on the weekend than laugh about all that I forgot?

We all give into FOMO, some of us more than others, but we really should have a fear of missing out on other opportunities to spend our time.


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