Dress For Success, Not Stress

I have never worn a pair of sweatpants to class, and even yoga pants are a rarity. I own one pair of leggings and one sweatshirt, and it’s not even a hoodie.

I completely understand that this isn’t the norm – that most college students who have an 8:30 roll out of bed at maybe 8:10 and throw on the clothes that most resemble pajamas.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lazy days happen to the best of us. At some point during the year we’re all caught wearing a hat hiding the hair that we neglected to wash for two days. It happens.

But I always make it a point to try and dress the best I can every day. As I said, some days it’s a struggle and I’m lucky if I make it to class in a hat and jeans. Other days, I’ll be wearing a dress and heels.

Success is all about the way you present yourself to others. It’s not as superficial as appearance and looks, per se, but it’s about the way you portray your image.

Think about it – you have about 5-6 classes per week with 200+ different students sitting in the room with you. These students will be doctors, lawyers, actors, or maybe even the president.

Or how about the professor teaching your course? When asking for recommendations, whether it be for a job, graduate school, etc., do you want them to think of you as the student who comes in a minute late every day dressed for bed?

That’s not the image I want others to have of me. I may dress like a typical “Long Islander” but It’s not because that’s where I’m from. The reason I wear certain clothes is so that people remember me as the girl who always dressed up every day, whether they think it’s weird or not. They’ll remember me as the girl who always had her makeup done, hair straightened, nails polished (however poorly they may be).

And even if no one remembers me, at least I’ll know that I tried every day to make an impression. Putting in the effort is half the battle.

So don’t dress like you’re stressed. Dress like you’re fighting for success.


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