Dating is Antiquated and It’s Sad

Dating – what a silly concept in modern society. I can’t say that I’ve ever been out on a “true” date – the kind where the guy picks you up at your door instead of texting you saying “I’m outside.”

The kind where the guy takes you to a restaurant and asks you questions about your family instead of asking you to “Netflix and chill” while meeting your mother via Snapchat selfies.

The kind where you get nervous when he walks you to your door because you’re not sure if he’s going to kiss you, instead of remembering that you made out with him drunk at a party last weekend.

Proper dating has become an anomaly. There are so many levels to dating now that I’m not even sure how to do it anymore. People are either “seeing each other” or “talking” or “just hanging out.”

I’m not saying I want a guy to ask me to “go steady” or ask my father for his permission to take me out. I think that part of dating is kind of antiquated.

All I want is for a man to ask me out to dinner, not meet me at a bar and ask me what I want to drink.

The man isn’t the only person to blame in this situation – women are just guilty. 

With the introduction of social media and the convenience of texting, romance declined. Women started to accept that a man liking her photo on Instagram is just as much of a compliment as calling her beautiful.

We started to accept that being asked to be a man’s beer pong partner is just as much of a compliment as being asked out on a date.

We started to accept that being his best friend on Snapchat is just as much of a compliment as receiving a late night phone call from him.

Most of us know that actual romance cannot compare to what it has become, but we accept it. From the wise words of Stephen Chbosky, “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

But we deserve better. We deserve dinner and a movie, not takeout and Netflix.

And if you do still ask what I want to drink? A glass of red wine at a reserved table for two, thank you.


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