How to Have a Bad Day

When I wake up in the morning, I slowly pull apart the blinds next to my bed. Then, I either groan as I fall back against my pillows because there is some form of precipitation coming from the sky or I debate skipping class because the sun is shining.

Either way, I slowly pull myself out of bed, drag myself to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup and coordinate my outfit based on the proper footwear for the weather.

Today it is raining. Rain boots it is.

Rain boots are heavy, clunky and simultaneously make my feet really cold and really hot. Plus, they look very awkward when paired with yoga pants so I’m forced to put on jeans, AKA leg prisons.

Then I pull on my rain jacket, which is too thin when it’s a cold rain but too confining when it’s a warm and humid rain. I have to make sure I remember my umbrella too, even though it turns inside-out with high winds.

After about 5 minutes of walking across campus, my hair that I took time to straighten is now frizzy, my makeup has practically melted off my face and my wet jeans are uncomfortably sticking to my legs.

Once inside, finally away from the rain, all motivation drains from my body. There are fewer things more depressing than watching the rain fall.

Rainy days are the kind of days that make you want to curl up in bed under several blankets and drink green tea while watching movies. They don’t exactly motivate me to sit in the dreary, dim library studying for a biology exam.

Rain sucks. If you want to have a bad day, just go to class in the rain. Bonus points if it’s a Monday.


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