Dress For Success, Not Stress

I have never worn a pair of sweatpants to class, and even yoga pants are a rarity. I own one pair of leggings and one sweatshirt, and it’s not even a hoodie.

I completely understand that this isn’t the norm – that most college students who have an 8:30 roll out of bed at maybe 8:10 and throw on the clothes that most resemble pajamas.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lazy days happen to the best of us. At some point during the year we’re all caught wearing a hat hiding the hair that we neglected to wash for two days. It happens.

But I always make it a point to try and dress the best I can every day. As I said, some days it’s a struggle and I’m lucky if I make it to class in a hat and jeans. Other days, I’ll be wearing a dress and heels.

Success is all about the way you present yourself to others. It’s not as superficial as appearance and looks, per se, but it’s about the way you portray your image.

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Fashion-Friendly Friday

Aside from writing, fashion is the best form of self-expression. They’re similar in that they’re both flexible. One day, you can write about relationship advice and then the next you can write about your love for dogs. You can change your voice through writing.

Through fashion, you can change your entire image. One day, you can be edgy and the next you can dress straight out of a J. Crew Magazine. That’s always been my favorite part of fashion – it’s exciting, unexpected and mysterious. No one will ever truly know what my real “image” is if I have the ability to change it every day.

It also allows me to stay close to home. Going to school eight hours away can get pretty lonely, but as soon as I open my closet I’m reminded of home. I see the sweater I stole from my sister’s closet in high school after she’d already left for the morning. I see the Vineyard Vines pink and blue dress shirt my mom sent me for Easter last year. I see the dress I wore to my high school graduation. I see memories hanging in my closet, not just things.

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